Our Best Days, C-Change Scotland and COVID-19

Our Annual Report for 2019 / 2020 tells the story of our experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic and reflects on what we’ve learned during that time. As well as bursting with stories of people we work for, family members and colleagues, it poses some questions about what’s worth keeping and building on as we move forward through the pandemic.

We are excited to share the report! Please click here or on the front page image to download (PDF)

Please click below to listen on each section of Our Best Days, C-Change Scotland and COVID-19 (audio via Soundcloud) or click here to listen in full.

1. Introduction – listen now
2. How we went about it – listen now
3. The voices less heard – listen now
4. Learning for the Future – listen now
5. Some observations – listen now
6. Some undercurrents that need further exploration – listen now
7. The value of inclusion / the cost of exclusion – listen now
8. In conclusion (but not the end) – listen now
9. Financial Statement – listen now
10. Love in the time of Corona. A story about a big man and a wee dug – listen now
11. A lesson worth learning – listen now
12. Aimee – listen now
13. Cometh the hour, cometh the man – listen now
14. Jade and the pink palace – listen now
15. Mrs Lairds Boy – listen now
16. Margaret’s story – in her own words – listen now
17. Heart, mind and soul by Mole Chapman – listen now