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Making individuals the of everything we do

C-Change is a people-powered organisation. We focus on nurturing respectful relationships with the people we work for, their families, our colleagues and the communities in which we work.


How we work

We work alongside an individual and the people that know and love them to plan for a better future and support dreams and aspirations to become a reality. We believe better is possible and support people to live their best lives.

That might mean that we support people to manage the day to day things like money, personal care, travel and medication. We also work hard to make sure that people have the chance to achieve their hopes and dreams.

We walk alongside each individual to ensure they have opportunities to flourish and thrive.

Aidan's story

Who we help

We help people who need some additional support in their life whether that’s a young person or an adult. We help families too. No-one is too ‘difficult’ or ‘complicated’ and we are particularly good at working with people who are very specific about how they like and need to be supported.

Find out more about who we help below.

C-Change Xmas Party Dec 2016


It’s often difficult to navigate ‘the system’ but we can help you find your way through. We honour the ties that bind families together and work with you to strengthen them.


Younger people

We’ve witnessed young people step into themselves and take control of their lives. Making friends, going to college and living their best life.



We listen to what people say and work hard to hand power and control back where it belongs - with the person. It’s never too late to pick up the reins of your life.

Annual Report 2019/2020

Our Annual Report for 2019 / 2020 tells the story of our experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic and reflects on what we’ve learned during that time. As well as bursting with stories of people we work for, family members and colleagues, it poses some questions about what’s worth keeping and building on as we move forward through the pandemic.

It has been the strangest of times, this COVID-19 time.
‘Life changing experiences, shared by us all. Experiences that will shape how we think and feel and behave into the future.’

Read more on Page 2 or select track 1 for audio recording.


Watching someone you support bring out their sense of fun and humour and seeing happiness creep across their face has to be one of the best and most satisfying feelings in the world. Building that trust bond and genuinely caring for the person you support are essential and when it clicks it is wonderful. 

Dougie Webster
Personal Development Worker

dates-n-mates Scotland

Scotland’s national dating and friendship agency.

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