CC-WheelChairFriends-ForWebC-Change was founded in 2001 and having always championed Self-Directed Support, the organisation provides outcome focused personalised support that is creative and flexible, adapting to the changing needs of the individual.

C-Change supports people that have learning disabilities, mental health issues and other additional support needs to have real positive change in their lives regardless of their age or circumstances. Our work is based on a Human Rights Approach, empowering people to live their life to its fullest potential whilst being active citizens within their community.

We recognise that we all need support at different times in our lives and believe our role is to listen and learn; continually developing an individual’s support to respond to where they are now and to plan with them how they want life to be in the future.

The key principles that inform how C-Change works:

· Power and control remains with or as close to the person as possible, ensuring they direct their own support

· Every person has a transparent individual funding arrangement

· As people’s needs and wishes change, their support changes with them

· Active partnership working with a person and their support network will ensure a shared understanding of their outcomes and the support that’s needs to be in place to achieve this.

· Working for a person in their local neighbourhood will keep the focus on them and their connection with their community.