For over 15 years we have designed and developed individualised support arrangements for many people with a wide range of skills, gifts and needs. Support arrangements are tailored to the specific needs of each individual, providing excellent examples of innovative self-directed support.

In the initial years, C-Change focussed on transforming the lives of adults with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues living in long stay institutions such as Lennox Castle Hospital. Most individuals had been assigned reputations for challenging services. Our early successes were based on supporting individuals to move into their own homes; taking greater control of their lives and connecting with their local communities.

Over the years we have applied our learning and experience to develop our practice and skills which has enabled us to help transform the lives of individuals with additional support needs, regardless of age or personal circumstances.

We have excellent examples of delivering successful, innovative support to people with a range of support needs including those with a learning disability, mental health issues, Autism, a head injury and Muscular Sclerosis.