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And That’s A Wrap…

This annual report offers a snapshot, selected scenes if you like, of C-Change emerging from a period turbulence. The full unedited version, as always, is much richer and deeper.

At its heart the story is deceptively simple, that of an organisation realigning to its core purpose; supporting disabled people to live their good lives. Refocussing on the central actors in the story and those they choose to have as their supporting cast.

Much like the studio system that supports the movies, we have used as the theme of this report, the challenges in social care often relate to funding, power, and influence. Who has it and who doesn’t.

C-Change wants to grow better not bigger. We measure our worth by the difference we make in lives of the individuals we work for and their families, our colleagues and their families, and the communities we are part of.

When disabled people take centre stage and provide direction, new stories of hope and possibility emerge. Using human rights as our guide we are committed to evidencing that better is possible.

If you have enjoyed this movie themed annual report and/or are committed to the same things we are, please get in touch. There is much to do.

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