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Annual Report 2021 / 2022: Our Greatest Hits

Inspiration (1/30)

The organisation would not be what it is without the people we work for, past and present. They define and shape the work of the organisation every day, in every way. They are our organisations focus and purpose.

Our 2021-2022 Annual Report celebrates everyone who has contributed towards supporting the good lives of the people we work for over 20+ Years! Most importantly, this is a celebration of those good lives.

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In The Beginning (2/30)

C-Change started in 2001 with the aim of supporting people who had been assigned ‘big’ reputations.

Our values have remained constant, however we have continued to learn, evolve and develop our understanding about how to support people to live good lives.

We have distilled the essence of this learning into our 20th Anniversary Annual Report 2021-2022.

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Success (3/30)

Supporting good lives is our aim and our success is defined by that metric.

We are only as good as the lives lived by the people we work for. There is joyful simplicity in that articulation of purpose. We aim to live up to it.

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Families (4/30)

We honour and respect the families of the people we work for. They are courageous unintentional heroes in the fight for better futures for their loved ones. They continually help us to do better and be better. We salute you.

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Better Not Bigger (5/30)

Our aim is to grow better not bigger. We are intentionally the size we are. It allows us to focus on the things we value, people and relationships.

Brilliant people (6/30)

C-Change employs dedicated, thoughtful, compassionate skilled people. They use their heads and hearts to support the people they work with live lives of meaning and purpose. They are human rights defenders ensuring people’s rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled.

Guiding Principles (7/30)

⭐ If you are affected – you’re involved
If you’re affected by the decision you should be involved in the decision making

⭐ Support people to be their best
There will always be opportunities to grow and develop – keep it simple and human

⭐ We are in this together
Stand up for one another – share and learn

⭐ Honour friends and family life
Honour and respect each other

⭐ Be kind and enjoy yourself
It costs nothing and we all benefit

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Intentional Language (8/30)

A good rule of thumb is if you don’t use language in your own life, don’t use it in your support. We are intentional in the words we use, words matter, what we say and how we say it matters.

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When Less Is More (9/30)

When we do our job well, we work our way out of people’s lives. As each person grows, so should their network of people to share life moments with. Good team members know when to step in and equally, when to step back.

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Power Over / Power With (10/30)

For 20 years we have walked alongside people. We do not have power over people, we have power with people.

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Reputations (11/30)

People with learning disabilities do not need to be fixed, sorted or improved. We need to challenge our behaviour. We need to listen harder, think more carefully and constantly try to do better.

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Faith (12/30)

People get lost when the focus narrows to managing behaviours and reputations. Having faith in the person and working with them to work out what good looks and feels like requires humility. We have to work it out together; families often hold the key.

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Working Together (13/30)

Keeping the focus on the person when things get tricky can be really challenging. Working together with others, in good faith and with the common purpose, makes all the difference.

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Human Rights Defenders (14/30)

We are all human rights defenders. Dignity is at the heart of human rights and in what we do, in the most intimate moments of everyday life.

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Planning For Better (15/30)

When we plan together with the people we work for and their families, they tell us the life they want to live. A life of aspiration that builds on gifts and talents. Together we make it happen.

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Separation of Housing and Support (16/30)

If you want to change your support, you should not have to leave your home. People should have full housing rights to a tenancy or through home ownership.

Radical Hospitality (17/30)

Kindness. Truth. Respect. Smile often. Rights championed. Love will be generous.

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Money Matters – Personalised Budgets (18/30)

The use of Individual Service Funds gives people we work for more control, choice and flexibility over their support. We have been using individual budgets for over 20 years.

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Matching (19/30)

Having the right people in your life makes all the difference.

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Love and Friendship (20/30)

Everyone should have love and friendship in their lives; it brings us joy. Dates-n-Mates are here to help.

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Voice, Choice and Change (21/30)

Often when we first meet people they are going through a tough time. Like a storm is raging around them, over which they have little control. We do whatever it takes to help people regain control and chart a course towards their good life. Sometimes, we do our job so well, they no longer need our help at all. How marvelous is that!

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Moving On, People and Colleagues (22/30)

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. We celebrate each relationship for adding to the rich tapestry of our history.

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Stickability (23/30)

We are here for the rollercoaster of life, for the ups and the downs, the twists and the turns. We will be with people we work for and families for as long as they need us to be.

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You are good enough as you are (24/30)

We celebrate difference, we celebrate those quirks that makes each of us unique. So don’t hide your banana boots away in the closet, or your love of all things purple…whatever makes you, you…we celebrate it.

History and Present (25/30)

It is often said, you must know the past to understand the present, and you need to learn the lessons from the past so as not to make the same mistakes again.

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Continuous Life Learning (26/30)

We strive to embody the words of Maya Angelou; “We do what we know until we know better, then when we know better, we do better.”

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Connections (27/30)

Ingredients for a good life include love, friendship, a sense of belonging and purpose, health, safety and security. We each have our recipe for a good life, the balance that works for us.

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The Long View (28/30)

We don’t carry people’s reputations; we carry an understanding of people’s history – this has us marvel at people’s resilience. The long view is our privilege.

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Growing Potential (29/30)

The people we work for have ideas and dreams. The role of the organisation is to help make these a reality. One way we did this was providing support to our budding entrepreneurs.

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Looking Forward (30/30)

For 20 years we have continually looked forward, using each person’s north star to guide us. We hold strong in the belief that Better Is Possible.

Financial Information

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The Board of Trustees of C-Change is committed to ensuring the effective use of public funds. In line with third sector best practice, the organisation seeks to retain sufficient reserves to meet its obligations. It does this by aiming to maintain general reserves equivalent to at least 3 months running costs and other liabilities.

Ch..Ch..C-Changes (Epilogue)

This Greatest Hits compilation style annual report provided an opportunity to reflect on twenty years of C-Change Scotland. When we looked back, it was the focus on relationships, people and purpose that sung most loudly.

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