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Autism Awareness Week

I am not autistic, some colleagues are, some aren’t. Some of the people we work for are, some aren’t. In each case we have had to learn how to work together, to support each other to ensure we are all happy, safe and well and leading our good lives.

We commit to do this, not solely on the basis of our respective diagnoses but on our common humanity, our commitment to each other as fellow human beings with strengths and gifts and with areas of our lives where we each need greater or less support.

We do not expect people to conform, to comply or to fit others’ expectations of ‘good’.

We believe we are all ‘good enough’. If anyone experiences distress or upset, it is our collective responsibility to work out with them, led by them, how we can try and ensure this doesn’t happen again, and if it does how we, together, resolve it quicker.   

Success is a good life defined by the person, not a behavioural chart or others’ expectations.

We are strong in our allyship with autistic people. Our commitment in Autism Awareness Week and beyond is to keep listening and learning with and from autistic people, to do better, get better and to be better allies.

Sam Smith – CEO

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