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Back To The Future

Organisations are strange things. They evolve incrementally, every day a small change. Often this can be a good thing. It allows for growth and development. Sometimes big changes are forced upon organisations, and they must adapt. Such was the time of Covid.  

We are now on the other side, not completely, but enough to lift our heads up and survey the scene of what we have become when we had our heads down, just keeping each other alive, healthy, and safe. 

The first success is that we are here. We made it. But, as we look around, we have drifted off course, battered by those prevailing winds of necessity. We have become other.  

Some of it good. We have turbo charged our use of technology, we are more connected and collaborative across the organisational roles and geography. 

Some of it is not where we intended to be. There has been some loss.  

Colleagues who joined during the ‘strange times’ have no real idea of what we were before. There has become a new normal that isn’t where we necessarily want to be.  

And so, we are going back to the future. We are consciously going back to our roots and aligning ourselves again, explicitly, and joyfully with our reason for being and the practices that keep us on track. 

One of these is our commitment that person centred planning powers what we do. We have joined forces with our friends at Inclusive Solutions to build our skills and recharge our enthusiasm for planning effectively with people.  

We are also re-establishing our commitment to Self Directed Support, helping colleagues understand that our practice of using Individual Service Funds is rooted in disabled people’s activism and direct payments.  

And we are affirming our commitment to remain an intentionally sized organisation committed to respecting, protecting, and upholding the human rights of disabled people.  

“The future is literally in our hands to mould as we like. But we cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is now.” – Eleanor Roosevelt 


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