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Barrijon and Bob’s visit to the Riverside Museum

Barrijon was up early on Saturday morning, excitedly looking forward of our plans to go to the Riverside Museum.   After breakfast, we set off in the car – Barrijon, chief navigator and co-pilot up front. Despite his impressive knowledge of the music played on Smooth Radio, Barrijon prefers to talking instead of listening to music in the car – so we chatted all the way from Wishaw to Partick.  

Arriving at the museum car park, eagle-eyed Barrijon spotted a parking space which we manoeuvred into and fed the parking metre.  

As we walked to the entrance, Barrijon made many knock-knock jokes which had us falling around in laughter. 

We were warmly welcomed at the door by a museum ‘greeter’ who asked us if we had been before.  Although the greeter was looking at me, I discreetly signalled that she should be addressing Barrijon. Gladly, this was followed and the two of them had a great chat. The greeter asked Barrijon if there was anything he would particularly like to see – “the café!” We all chuckled.  

At the cafe, Barrijon ordered a burger and chips, and I had macaroni.  The burger was the size of my head! With the huge portion of chips to accompany it, I wasn’t expecting to see a clean plate returned to the waiter. Of course, I should have known I’d be wrong. With full bellies and our thirst quenched, we made our way round the various exhibits.  

Barrijon particularly loved the old police car and ambulance, but he found the trams to be most exciting. I suggested that we go to Edinburgh soon to check out the trams. Barrijon was quite taken with this idea, so we will start planning for that soon.  

We walked down the old street with all the old shops and the model of the horse drawn cart. Then, after sitting on the underground train in the mock-up station, Barrijon decided to call it a day on our trip to the museum.  

Of course, Barrijon rattled off a few more knock-knock jokes as we made our way back to the car and a great day was had by both of us. 

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