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Big Man, Wee Dug

The big man’s life hadn’t always been easy. He’d suffered. He’d been misunderstood. Yet all the time his heart had beat solid gold. Kindness and gentleness; humour and grace were shyly revealed to those who stood with the big man as he unfurled into himself.

Not much was known about the wee dug. He came from a rescue centre and so there was surely some sadness in his story.

The week before the world ground to a slowing halt (the first COVID lockdown in 2020); when the doors and windows were shut and the people stayed inside and they closed the parks and the shops were chaos and families loved each other through the windows at a social distance: in that week of all weeks, the big man and the wee dug met.

Who could resist the sad eyes of a wee dug? What wee dug could resist the soft heart of a big man?

And so they went home together and the love affair began…the wee dug lying snoring on the sofa beside the big man sleeping soundly. In love and in comfortable companionship with each other. Staying in together. Going out with purpose.

Wee dug…big man…the journey has only just begun.

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Talking about a time you have felt lonely can break down stigma and challenge stereotypes of those who experiences it.

You can share your experience of loneliness this week by using the hashtag #IveBeenThere

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