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Colour of Money

C-Change Scotland has a longstanding relationship with Glasgow Credit Union (GCU). Over the past year we have been working closer with the GCU team to support better financial wellbeing for our colleagues.  

Over the last year, we introduced a one off savings incentive for colleagues if they signed up to save with the Credit Union. Which we deposited directly into colleagues accounts.  

The rationale for this collaboration is to promote financial wellbeing through regular payroll saving, providing a trusted place to borrow when need arises and access to the financial education resources that Glasgow Credit Union offers. 

We think Glasgow Credit Union, and credit unions in general, are a great fit with the values and ethos of our organisation. 

Credit Unions use the money that local people save and lend it to other people, usually for lower rates than high street lenders. Credit Unions can do this as they don’t have to make big profits to pay to shareholders. Like C-Change, GCU invests in the communities that they serve. 

We know it is tough at the moment with utilities, rent and mortgages going up as well as the cost of food. A strong partnership with Glasgow Credit Union supports colleagues to negotiate the financial challenges of life. 

Thank you Glasgow Credit Union for all that you do! 

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Our Depute CEO Ian Williams chatted with presenter Heather Suttie as part of the Glasgow Credit Union Podcast series ‘Finances Made Friendly’.

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