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4 LD Week Quotes 2023

Coronavirus and the mighty teacher

I was walking around Kelvingrove Park, avoiding everyone, with B and Scout (my dog) as the sun began to set, when Matt phoned.

I hadn’t heard from him for a while and had been meaning to get in touch…He beat me to it.

He sounded full of the cold. I immediately went into ‘mammy mode’.

“Do you have a thermometer, have you got a temperature?”

“No” he said, “Number 5 (the near neighbour), has one and stuck it in my ear, no temperature, just a cold.”

I ask, as you do (if you haven’t quite stepped down from mammy mode), “have you had your tea yet?”

“Yes, a kebab” he replies.

“How did you get that?” I enquire, with only the slightest tinge of anxiety in my voice.

“Got it delivered” he tells me in a matter of fact tone.

My lesson for the evening…he doesn’t need a mammy, he has a perfectly good one of his own.

I realised that in the conversation I had not given you credit for how resourceful, resilient and connected you are.

You have taught me a lot Matt (I recently told him). You once said to me that you didn’t like it when people wrapped you in cotton wool.

Matt replied “Aye, I don’t like it, I tear up the cotton wool.”

I still have a lot to learn, thank you for being a mighty teacher.

By Sam Smith (C-Change CEO)

Listen to ‘Coronavirus and the mighty teacher’ by Sam Smith


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