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Image shows a person with hat and dark glasses on bending round trying to look at a computer screen, a spy like image.

Cyber Security Awareness Week

By Lesley Sharkey

Last week was Cyber Security awareness week (yes, it really is a thing) and I have been asked to write a blog about it as I have been involved with our IT partners in rolling out the additional security measures we have been introducing and continue to introduce to help keep people we work for and colleagues safer online.

What do you think about when you hear the words ‘Cyber Security’ a James Bond style intelligence agent with covert listening devices? Or do you picture a teenage computer whizz hacking into a foreign country’s security system for s*its and giggles.

Cyber security may well be both of that but for us at C-Change it is far from the giggle of it and our understanding of it has grown through the pandemic and we continue to learn through our strategic partners Cloud Cover.

Like many organisations, the pandemic was a proverbial ‘kick up the.. for us to embrace new systems and processes and move more of it online, so those who need to access it, can, safely and confidently.

Over this last year we have worked on robust permission structures (sounds fancy doesn’t it?), rolled out new training to upskill where needed and talked widely about it not just at our tech connect working group, but across the organisation. 

We supported the roll out with sharing information from National Cyber Security Scotland website (really useful, please do check it out if you haven’t already) and continue to keep it as a core message within the organisation by sharing top tips on staying safe online more regularly and including National Cyber Security Scotland’s Cyber Security Training as part of our core induction training.

Wait, there’s more.. on top of this we have been working with Cloud Cover, to obtain our Cyber Essentials Award, which also saw the start of roll out of Multi-Factor Authentication throughout the organisation. It has not all been plain sailing, it was so secure our Practice Director, Gina, was temporarily locked out of all her systems and accounts… sorry Gina!

Is now the right time to mention our Disaster Recovery Plan? 

Mmmm, let’s leave it there, shall we? But please, do check out National Cyber Security Scotland’s Cyber Security Training, our colleagues who have accessed it have shared great feedback. It may just be the training you, or people you know, could benefit from to help keep us all safer when online.

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