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Cyber Security

By Julie McNeill

Two very scary sounding words – Cyber Security – they conjure up hackers, bots, identity theft and dark rooms full of code-cracking robots. Like many of us, I spend a lot of my time online and am keen to make sure my interactions are as safe and secure as possible. However, I sometimes struggle to understand the things I can do to keep myself and my information secure.   

Joining C-Change felt, in lots of ways, like a breath of fresh air. I was pleasantly surprised to see cyber security so high up the agenda. On my first day, I got a notification for forthcoming training which was easy and convenient to complete. It was practical and broke things down for me, focussing on the real-life day-to-day ways I could recognise risks and take steps to avoid them.  

This helped me not just in a work capacity but persuaded me of the need to update my tired old passwords and malware at home too – using the tips like three random words. The Multi Factor Authentication was simple to use and I loved that the training wasn’t just a one-off event; it felt live and dynamic. 

What really hit home for me though was the simple, positive approach to messaging both on our social media sites but also internally through Viva Engage. Before posting consider:  

Is it true?  

Is it helpful?  

Is it kind?  

What a great world we would live in if our online (and offline) interactions were guided by these principles.  

The focus on keeping myself and the organisation safe makes me feel valued, respected and secure. One of the many wonderful ways we live up to the high standards we set for ourselves, believing that #BetterIsPossible. Who knew that a focus on cyber security could help me feel part of the team?! 

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