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Dates-n-Mates Launches New Website

Our colleagues at Dates-n-Mates have just launched a brand new website. 

For those unfamiliar with the organisation, it is a dating and friendship agency run by and for people with learning disabilities. 

It was initially established as an umbrella project of C-Change in response to adults with learning disabilities saying that they wanted the same opportunity for love and friendship they saw available to everyone else.

It has subsequently flourished into a thriving, countrywide community where members now regularly meet in person and also interact in digitally inclusive online events. 

Making and sustaining relationships can be difficult for anyone but more so for people with learning disabilities for many reasons; lack of opportunity, low aspirations on behalf of others, low confidence among some learning disabled people and systemic discrimination. 

Dates-n-Mates was explicitly set up to challenge these negative assumptions and prejudices.

You can find out much more at: 

There’s also a great introduction video by Dates-n-Mates National Director John Paul Moffat:

Dates-n-Mates 2021 website introduction video – YouTube

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