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dates-n-mates Virtual Kiltwalk DANCE-A-THON

Like so many other events, the annual Kiltwalk was cancelled again this year as a large gathering due to the ongoing Pandemic. However, it wasn’t cancelled altogether! Our project dates-n-mates still benefited from The Virtual Kiltwalk taking place individually, in small groups or online (23rd – 25th April 2021)

So, a huge dates-n-mates DANCE-A-THON thank you to everyone who donated to dates-n-mates Scotland. The dates-n-mates DANCE-A-THON took place on Friday 23rd of April. ⭐

C-Change and the dates-n-mates team would like to thank everyone involved…members, volunteers and staff + everyone who sponsored them and cheered them on!! 🤩 ❤🏅

A special huge WELL DONE and THANK YOU to dates-n-mates Volunteer Jess who danced publicly for several hours in Queens Park on Friday. Jess raised over £1350!! 😃 🙌 (picture below + see videos via Dates-n-mates facebook pages)

The online total so far is over £6500 with still more funds to collect! + additional 50% top up from the Tom Hunter Foundation!! The dates-n-mates team really appreciate all the support, with funds helping offer more fantastic opportunities to members 💛 💜 💚

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