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Directors cut 600 x 600

Director’s Cut

2022-23 was the year we began to emerge.  

We had held tight for so long through Covid. Our focus was on survival, supporting the people we work for and their families, our colleagues and their families, and the wider communities to stay healthy, safe, and well. 

2022-23 was the year when we lifted our collective heads up.  We looked at ourselves and what we had become. Not critically, more by way of recognition that much had changed.  

Nobody in living memory has lived and worked through a global pandemic. There was no guide for how to deal with this as individuals, families, communities, organisations, or countries.  

It has taken a toll. We are changed. It is up to us what we do with that reality.  

We recognised our horizons had shrunk; our ambitions had been distorted by necessity. We also recognised that this was not who we wanted to be.  

So, 2022- 2023 has been a year of reflection and re-orientation. We have focussed on rekindling the spark of enthusiasm for, and reaffirmation of, our core values. We have re-energised our commitment to growing better not bigger. We have actively re-established our connections with good people and organisations committed to making the world a better place. And we have recommitted to our role as active allies in the fight for social justice.    

This annual report details some of the activities involved in this work. We hope you enjoy reading it and you too feel the spark of hope that better is possible.   

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