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14 - Faith

Faith – from hello to hired  

Kieran was disappointed when the neighbours he had grown to like and trust, told him they were moving. Kieran enjoyed having, and being, a good neighbour; helping each other out and invitations for dinner. Kieran felt good about himself, and had faith in the people around him who, in turn, had faith in him.  

Being a good neighbour, when the time came for Colin and Gemma to move Kieran offered to help. When he visited their new home, he offered to work in their vast new garden. Kieran cut grass, trimmed trees and bushes and painted fences all without knowing he was being observed by the Alex, the next-door neighbour.  

Alex was impressed with Kieran’s work and a professional handy-man, he was also on the lookout for a new assistant to help him. Kieran was delighted when Alex asked him if he would be interested in paid work. Community, contribution, and connections, the keys to a good life. 

Faith; complete trust or confidence in someone or something.  

Faith, from hello to hired – Audio Narration (By Ross Dougall)

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