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Working 9-5 What a Way to Make a Living

Living and working through Covid -19 changed people. That is irrefutable. What is less clear is whether things have changed for better or worse; it may just be too early to really know.

However, to some extent, we can also grasp the opportunities presented to us. Working patterns changed dramatically during Covid, colleagues worked with greater autonomy and reliance on technology was turbo charged. For some, without the daily commute, the barrier between work and home became more permeable. Equally, for some, a life/work balance that may have previously been precarious became untenable.

Whatever the individual circumstances, many colleagues are looking for a rebalancing of their commitments. It is with this in mind that C-Change has engaged with Flexibility Works  Flexible Working in Scotland – Training & Support – Flexibility Works to help the organisation determine what work might look like if colleagues had real choice over how, where, and how much they work.

Early consultation has produced some interesting results. Within the organisation direct support colleagues (Personal Development Workers) report experiencing high levels of flexibility. This was articulated clearly in a case study;

More work will continue in to 2022/23 to explore options for greater flexibility for other colleagues within the organisation in pursuance of our aim of ensuring C-Change is, and continues to be, a great place to work.


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