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Friendship is... Robert + Caroline - 2021 - 2

Friendship is…

Blowing a kiss, a helping hand, a great companion...the descriptions can go on, though for some, friendship can be tricky.

Think about if you were unable to pick up your phone and call a friend to make plans for that much needed catch up or share a meme on your group chat that you know will have your pals in stitches. How would you maintain your connections and friendships?

For some of the people we work for this very situation is a reality. However, not being able to independently use a phone or messaging service does not deny the right to strong and enduring friendships, just like Caroline and Robert. Through great support from their respective team members, Caroline and Robert have been firm friends for many, many years. Team members who recognise the difference of being friendly and being someone’s friend.

Great team members know being paid to be in someone’s life is not friendship and their role is to give a helping hand to make the calls, send the text messages and help keep the friendships alive. This Learning Disability Week, let’s celebrate relationships like Caroline and Robert and if the person you or your organisation supports, doesn’t have a Caroline or a Robert in their life, help be the vehicle to creating a lasting friendship.


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