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Goldfish and Bearded Dragon: Illustration representing themes of choice and individuality in 'George & The Beard Dragon' poem by Julie McNeil

The Goldfish & The Bearded Dragon – Poem

How can you paint a rainbow

with only black and white?

How can you feel connected

if no one asks you what you like?

How can you hear the music

the vibrations of the drum

if nobody invited you

because they thought you wouldn’t come?

I want a Bearded Dragon

not a goldfish in a tank

I want a Bearded Dragon

bought with money from my bank

I want a Bearded Dragon

have you seen the way they climb?

I want to live my good life

I want these choices to be mine.

A poem by Julie McNeil

Based on the original blogpost, ‘The Goldfish & The Bearded Dragon‘ by Sam Smith & William Rae.

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