Self Directed Support means what it says, that support is directed by the person or by those who know and care about them and who have a good understanding of who they are and how they want to live. Change is part of life and over time a person’s needs, desires and aspirations may change and their support changes with them.

Everyone has an Individual Service Fund (ISF). C-Change will support the person to manage the money available for their support with the focus being on meeting their identified outcomes, supporting them to live the lives they choose. Using this they can recruit their own dedicated team. This team may also need to change over time, so that it is the best arrangement for the person wherever they are in life’s journey. Some people may have higher levels of support in the beginning. Our aim, along with the person, should be to reduce the levels of paid support as the person has become more confident and connected with their local community. This should enable people to use their individual budgets for other things. We use person centred planning to ensure that the support that we are providing is the support that the person wants.