A person, supported by their Support Advisor and team members will agree what support will work best for them. This information will be written up in a document called a Working Policy.

The Working Policy describes a person’s outcomes and how team members should support them to achieve their outcomes.

Section 1. My Life: Is all about the person and contains information they want to share about themselves.

Section 2. My Support: Describes the support the person requires from their team members to achieve their outcomes.

Section 3. Managing Risk: Describes predictable risk and scenario based risk management strategies which enable a person to do the things they want whilst keeping them and others safe.

Section 4. Team Support: Describes the support team members receive from C-Change and the expectations C-Change has of its staff in undertaking their roles and responsibilities.

A person’s Working Policy is reviewed 6 monthly and following any significant life changes. Any changes to a person’s working Policy will be shared with them and they will be asked to sign that they have understood the changes.