PrintA person spends regular time with their Support Advisor and this is detailed in their How I Manage My Support document.

The Support Advisor will chat with the person and their loved ones to make sure they are receiving their agreed service and to see if things can be improved or changed, if that is what the person wants to happen.

A person is supported to spend time planning each year, to assess whether they are happy with their lifestyle and has new outcomes they want to achieve. The person is supported to review their service 6 monthly to check that things are still working for them, identify if things need to change and ensure the person has their say on whether they are happy with their service. A person will receive a copy of their planning and review meetings notes.

Support Planning: Your Individual Budget (SDS) agreed by Social Work or by you if self-funding. Your bespoke Service Design will be created alongside you with your goals and aspirations and how these will be achieved.

Support Agreement: This will signed off by you, C-Change & funder agreed.

Support in Action: Managing your ISF budget, recruitment of your local team, working policy/how you want your support to work, your human rights

Support Review: Is your support working for you, what needs to change, is your voice being heard