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Human Rights Incorporation Fortnight 2021, 30th August – 10th September

There are BIG plans for a new human rights law in Scotland. The Scottish Government has committed to introducing a Bill to incorporate four more international human rights treaties directly into Scots law, along with the right to a healthy environment, and rights for older people and LGBTi people.

These plans for human rights law reform could not come at a more important time. In the midst of COVID-19, impacts of austerity, & threatened rights regression at a UK level, passing this law is one of the biggest things we can do to make rights a reality in people’s lives.

This is the next step in Scotland’s human rights journey, and there is massive support to see it happen from across Scottish civil society.

Join Human Rights Consortium Scotland (HRCS) to explore different aspects of human rights incorporation plans in these expert webinars:

Why Do We Need a New Human Rights Law in Scotland? Monday 30th August @ 4pm

An excellent opportunity to learn about what incorporation of international human rights means and why it should matter to everyone, with opportunities to ask questions. Expert contributors include Prof Alan Miller, former co-chair of the National Taskforce on Human Rights; Liz Thomson, Amnesty International; and Juliet Harris, Together.

Human Rights and Devolution, Monday 6th September @ 10am

Vital insights from experts Dr Katie Boyle from University of Stirling and Prof Nicole Busby from Glasgow University about the relationship between devolution in the UK and human rights.  With big constitutional questions in the air, together with big potential human rights law reforms at both UK & Scotland levels, this is an important discussion for all those who care about human rights in the UK.   

All Our Rights are Linked: Environmental Rights + Disabled People’s Rights, Wednesday 8th September @4pm

Join Shivali Fifield from the Environmental Rights Centre for Scotland and Susie Fitton from Inclusion Scotland for valuable insights from their work around the relationship between disabled people’s rights and the right to a healthy environment. Questions like ‘why should disabled people care about environmental rights, why should environmentalists take on board disabled people’s rights? And a chance to ask your questions too.

Human Rights for all? Realising Migrants’ Human Rights in Scotland, Friday 10th September @ 9.15am

New human rights law needs to work for all of us, no matter whether you were born here, or how or when you arrived here. Chaired by Sarah Kyambi of Migration Policy Scotland, and hearing from on-the ground experts such as the Citizens Rights Project and Ando Glaso, this webinar will take a sharp look at how we do this. Come and join the discussion.

It is time to put #AllOurRightsInLaw.

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