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Red cloak with a hand out to the side holding a small lantern, heading into snowy woods.

It is all about belief 

In memory of RS – a teacher of faith 

She was a complex individual; there were many layers to her. 

Some she pulled tight to herself, her learning disability, and her diabetes – her ‘two babies she had to look after.’ 

Additional layers were added by those she encountered as she rolled through the system. Until that is, she came to a halt in an assessment and treatment unit.   

Difficult, challenging, self-harm, manipulative, physically aggressive and on and on. 

She moved into her own wee place. Lots of support until she helped us do better and be better.  

When you knew her and you paid attention, you would experience wit and warmth, curiosity and candour and deep, deep determination. 

She challenged people. 

She challenged people to do what they said. 

She challenged people to act on their words. 

She challenged people to believe in her to understand her capacity to cope. To believe in her knowledge of herself and her diabetes. 

She had learned to use her diabetes as a way of controlling something when other aspects of her life were out of kilter. 

The more people tried to control her because they were worried. The more ‘dysfunctional’ her management of her diabetes appeared to be.  

But you see, it wasn’t. 

It was all about your faith and belief in her, and she knew this. 

Believe in her and enable her to be in control and all would settle. 

Anxiously try and wrestle control and a crisis would ensue.  

A significant element of her support was rallying an army of allies who would defend her from the anxiety of others. 

She taught us to believe in her and required that our actions drew on that belief. 

Red cloak with a hand out to the side holding a small lantern, heading into snowy woods.

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