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Leadership and Coronavirus

Leadership and the Coronavirus

It came upon us like a seventh wave. We knew it was coming, we had witnessed its effects on our human family in China, Italy, Iran, Spain and beyond. We had taken deep breaths, preparing as we could, but when it crashed around us, everything was upturned.

One cannot truly prepare for something so far beyond the imaginable.

The preparation we had put in place, provided buoyancy as we tumbled over and dispersed to our homes, unanchored by a base.

And now, many weeks in, we are beginning to find our feet. The adrenalin has subsided, a bit. We have worked out how to stay connected from the little islands on which we have been cast adrift.

We now virtually wave at each other, using video conferencing technology. We count ourselves in and out each day, checking on the wellbeing of the people we support and our colleagues who support them. Checking that everyone has the necessary supplies to keep themselves and others safe and well.

Daily we recognise the skill, the commitment and the ingenuity of our colleagues, working out how to make it work. Rising above the challenge, offering each other hope and encouragement. Approaching their roles with a heroic balance of humility and courage.

It feels now is the time to lift our heads up, to look forward, to gaze at that more distant horizon and consider what that future holds.

Sam Smith – C-Change CEO

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