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5 LD Week Quotes 2023

Leading The Change: Living life to a different beat

Ninian spent a lot of time in hospital. Not the type of hospital that heals you; the kind that people lived in for years and years, a long stay institution.

He moved out into his own wee home, with a good team supporting him, a nice wee neighbourhood, and lovely neighbours. All so very ordinary. And, with that, he began to live a life on his terms.

He did not use words but loved the groove, the beat, high volume music with a heavy bass line. To the end of the gig and beyond, if he could.

When his heart beat its last, those who knew and loved him honoured his life by taking his lead. A space was created to celebrate him using his language. The wonderful Paragon Music ( provided the sounds; there were few words, they were not necessary.

Everyone was offered a percussion instrument to create the chorus to sing his praises. His friend, also a man of few words, led a celebratory dance in the aisle. When it came time to leave, the usher indicated the way to the door.

And, like a pied piper, his friend, using the language of music and dance headed the procession out of the crematorium.

If we create the space and value diverse ways of being, we all benefit. In life and in death Ninian led the change.

Listen to ‘Leading the Change: Living life to a different beat.’ Read by Douglas Graham

Long may the party continue… ❤
Ninian Brown
31.12.1962 – 11.10.2021


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