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8 LD Week Quotes 2023

Leading to change: Leading to C-Change

William did not have a choice.

He was bundled up and passed over to a new provider, along with others.

It was disconcerting for all concerned.

Who are you? Who are we? Who do you want to be?

Not much of his support made sense, to him or to us.

You want a bearded dragon, and you get a goldfish?! (Watch video via YouTube)

He began to change his support, so it made sense to him.

He no longer needed us, hurrah!

A couple of years pass.

William made an offer,

“They helped me to become the person I am today. Time to give some back to them.”

William joined our Board of Trustees.

William is leading C-Change.

Listen to ‘Leading to change: Leading to C-Change’. Read by Susan O’Reilly

#LeadToChange #ScotLDWeek23

William Rae – C-Change Scotland Board Member (2023)

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