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16 - Matching

Matching – Sandy’s Story

I’ve been working with C-Change since it started in 2001 and I love it.

Supporting and working with great people is very rewarding.

I’m really lucky to be surrounded by people who are creative, forward-thinking and genuinely caring. They’ve not only helped me in my career but at times they’ve supported me personally.

Take Matthew, for example, who I’ve supported for almost two decades alongside other C-Change colleagues. Let’s face it, 20 years together…that is a relationship that has weathered some storms and grown together.

As well as a man we work for, Matthew has been a member of the C-Change board of Trustees for several years. Matthew is intelligent, witty and kind-hearted – a real larger than life character.

Matthew loves nothing more than a good debate and he doesn’t hold back! His honest verbal sparring is legendary!

Matthew confidently speaks out on behalf of others and takes people to task if he thinks they have misrepresented someone. He loves to champion others in life, people who struggle to get their voice heard, it’s just one of his many great qualities – there really are far too many to mention in a short blog.

Talking of great qualities, brings me to Robert. Robert is the other person I have worked for during my time with C-Change. Robert is a gentle and caring, a kind soul who has a real willingness to try new things.

Robert and Matthew are very different, and that’s part of the fulfilment for me. Also whilst I have supported Matthew and Robert, this support has also nurtured me.

I can’t put into words just how much I enjoy this job and how thankful I am to have been part C-Change for over 20 years now. Time has definitely shown that I had been matched with the right people and that has made all the difference.

Sandy Murphy – Personal Development Worker

Matching – Sandy’s Story (audio narration)

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