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The image consists of a green and white block colour background. Words include "Mental Health Awareness Week 15th - 21st May 2023". Above the text is the C-Change Logo and to the right of the visual is the mental health awareness week logo, a green ribbon.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Owning it, naming it, ensuring the subject becomes part of everyday conversation

What more can we do to address the stigma of mental health?’ A question posed by an audience member at the recent event at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. 

In response Ruby Wax, on stage as part of ‘Aye Write’ Scottish book festival (promoting her new book ‘I’m not as well as I thought I was’), suggested owning it, naming it, ensuring the subject becomes part of everyday conversation.  Useful advice particularly in Mental Health Awareness Week.  

Another audience member spoke of the difficulty of finding a job, particularly having to explain gaps in employment. Wax spoke of her experience giving ‘business talks’ about mental health, one of which she gave from an admissions bed during her most recent period of depression.  
Stigma, employment, business – challenging topics.  

These questions should give all organisations pause for thought. We need to challenge ourselves to consider what more can we do to support our fellow citizens with mental health issues to feel valued, welcome, and included?  

We need to proactively engage with people and provide reassurance that experiencing mental ill health does not preclude you from employment.  

So, if you were that audience member from the Royal Concert Hall who spoke of the difficulty securing employment, please get in touch.  

We welcome individual experience here at C-Change, this may be a place for your skills to shine. 

#BetterIsPossible #SupportingGoodLives  

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