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Moving on. People and colleagues

Moving On, People and Colleagues: Lesley’s Story

This report is looking back at the last 20 years of C-Change and I couldn’t believe that I have worked here for the last 15 years! And as is always the case with C-Change there has been lots of change, but for me, lots of personal and professional change throughout my time here.  

When I first started with C-Change I started as a Service Manager, working with practice colleagues and supporting the people we work for.  

Whilst doing this I have had two children, and had cared for both my dad and gran, who are now no longer with us.  

In some ways my kids have grown up with the organisation. Always in attendance at Christmas parties and fundraising events and even on one occasion attended a board meeting where I presented to the board with a baby on my hip and bribing the other into silence with chocolate.

Following the passing of my dad and my gran’s diagnosis of dementia, I really started to think about my life and my work and what I wanted to get from each.  

Colleagues who have worked with me know I like to see things through to the end, and so I began to look at the skills I had to support me to decide what I wanted to do with my future. At this time the organisation was going through a re-structure and I knew I needed a change so I began to explore the redundancy option.  

Around that time our Finance and Business team (FaB Team) was also undertaking a restructure and on looking at my skills and interests, I chose to go for a position within the team.  

Throughout my time with the FaB team I have worked in administration, payroll and I am now undertaking the role of Projects Coordinator.  

When I talk to people they are astounded that I have been in one place for so long and ask what keeps me here. And really there are two things. 1. The people – regardless of where I have worked in the organisation my colleagues and people we work for are always an amazing bunch of folk who are always working extremely hard to make things better and 2. It’s in the name (and possibly a bit of a cliché) but the change. I like the fact that as an organisation we are not only open to, but embrace change and are always looking to make things better for folk and my role just now really focuses on making that happen.

Lesley Sharkey  – Project Coordinator (Finance and Business Team)

Lesley’s Story (audio narration)

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