Individual Service Funds (ISF) Guide

Published: March 30, 2018


Getting support from a support organisation for people with complex needs has too often been on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis. In the past the person was forced to fit themselves into the organisation’s way of doing things. But things are beginning to change and growing numbers of support organisations are learning how to support the person to live their life – in their own way.

Today there are many organisations who are trying to provide personalised support. One of the most useful tools for these organisations is an Individual Service Fund (ISF). This means treating any available funding as a personal budget and working with the person to ensure that it is used to help them full live a life of active citizenship.

This new guide on Individual Service Funds (ISFs) has been produced by two professionals, who have between them, over 40 years of experience in using Individual Service Funds (ISFs) to provide personalised support. The guide provides:

  1. Clear principles explaining what an Individual Service Fund is and how to use it
  2. Real life stories and examples that explain the benefits of using an Individual Service Fund
  3. Guidance to organisations and funders on how to establish systems for Individual Service Funds

This guide was produced on behalf of In Control Scotland and it helps explain how Option 2 – which is part of the Scottish legislation for Self-Directed Support – can work in practice. However this guide will also be useful to those in other countries who are working to ensure that self-directed support is available to everyone, and that is not restricted only to those people whose disabilities who take total responsibility for self-management. Individual Service Funds (ISFs) make the benefits of self-directed support available to everyone, even people with the most complex needs.

This guide has also been produced in association with Citizen Network. Citizen Network is a cooperative community, made up of individuals, groups and organisations committed to ensuring everyone can live a life of full citizenship.

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A hard copy of the guide is available to buy via Amazon.


The publisher is the Centre for Welfare Reform.

Individual Service Funds – a guide to making Self-Directed Support work for everyone © Sam Smith and Frances Brown 2018.

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Challenging the norms in health and social care for people with disabilities

Published: March 25, 2018


Click image below to download and read Being Human: Challenging the norms in health and social care for people with disabilities

Our experience of working with some wonderful individuals in Aberdeen and how their lives moved forward.


Being Human Conference – Aberdeen, May 2018

Published: March 16, 2018


C-Change Scotland will be hosting the 3rd in a series of conference on the subject of Human Rights and Self Directed Support on Wednesday 16th May 2018 at the Rox Hotel in Aberdeen.

This is a half day (afternoon) conference will take place from 12.45pm – 5pm and lunch will be provided.

We will have a range of influential speakers on the subject as well as stories from individuals who’s lives have been transformed for the better.

Our guest speakers include:
Gordon Patterson (Care Inspectorate)
Professor John Swinton (University of Aberdeen)
Shayo Lai (Scottish Care)
Jess Wade (SDS Scotland

There will also be a Panel Discussion with audience participation.

The event aims to stimulate thinking and generate conversation amongst those present and beyond.

This event follows on from two successful conferences held in Glasgow and North Lanarkshire in 2017.

Ticket price is £20 per person. Unemployed / Carers Free

Tickets can be booked via Eventbrite:

Please click here to download and view Event Running Order

Please click here to download and view Event Flyer




Dutch visitors to the C-Change Scotland Base

Published: March 7, 2018

Visit to C-Change Scotland Base in Ibrox 08.03.18
My name is Juultje (Yule) Holla. I live in the Netherlands. I used to live in Scotland. I was working on inclusion and I was a member of Altrum. 
I lived in Scotland from 2001-2008. Once I found my feet a little in The Netherlands I was shocked to find that institutionalisation was very much the culturally valued norm. Although there are few institutions like hospitals (Lennox Castle), people do get thrown on a pile with other people with the same labels. Some people in institutions do try to provide support that is more suited to individuals, but always within the confines of their institutional rules, regulations and resources.
So for quite a while now my dream has been to set up an organisation like C-Change Scotland, Inclusion and Partners for inclusion, in which we work with people to create the life they want for themselves; a life in which they are in control, with support from family and friends.
I now have a number of people standing beside me working towards the same goal. 
Juultje Holla
Community Solutions

Thank you all C-Change Snow Heroes

Published: March 5, 2018

SnowDays2018-Thank You to employees - internal


Social care workforce; the often invisible heroes supporting some of Scotland’s most vulnerable citizens to remain safe and well regardless of the weather.

We would like to thank our dedicated staff who despite the weather have put the safety and welfare of the people we work for first. We are very grateful and privileged to have such dedicated and caring colleagues! All your effort is hugely appreciated by everyone at C-Change. Thank you all!