Aidan’s Lust for Life


“Aidan B, he’s the man, if he can’t do it, no-one can” sings Dougie, Aidan’s team member. You see, that’s what spending the last few months around Aidan has taught us. Aidan is incredibly clever, smart, capable, funny and has a real thirst for life.

Aidan has many passions in life, hanging out with his mates, going out for meals, being active through swimming, go-karting, scootering and generally just being around others.

It’s these things that perhaps make him unrecognizable to some people that knew him even 6 months ago. Rewind 12 months and life was very different for Aidan and his immediate family; changes in Aidan’s behaviour meant he was segregated from his school pals and when Aidan became startled by a surprise from an adult at school he reacted, which led to Aidan being excluded from school. This had a huge impact on Aidan’s mental health and overall well-being. As a result, Aidan became much more isolated which contradicted Aidan’s innate social appetite to be around others.

Crucial for Aidan to take steps forward, to thrive and to begin again to enjoy doing the things he loves is having the right support, by an individual team recruited specifically for him that knows and understands him well.

Like lots of teenagers, as he ponders his future, Aidan may not know what he wants but he absolutely knows what he doesn’t want and surely that’s just as powerful. As we support Aidan to explore his options around college, volunteering and paid employment, we’ll keep supporting him in a way that makes sense to him, enjoying what he loves, discovering new things and seeking out new adventures.

The future is Aidan’s for the taking and the making.


By Susan O’Reilly – Service Development Coordinator at C-Change Scotland



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