David Watson – My job works for me (PDW at C-Change)


Please introduce yourself and tell us about your role at C-Change.

I’ve worked as a Personal Development Worker (PDW) since October 2015 and went on to qualify and fully register with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) in 2017. As well as being a PDW I work alongside another PDW quality assuring monthly outcome summaries and, more formerly now, conducting internal financial audits. There have been other projects I’ve been involved in over the last few years and have always found the organisation open to helping me develop as an individual.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

For me, the most rewarding part of my job is connecting with the people we work for. Once you connect then you can really begin to understand the things that make people ‘tick’. Once you know what makes the people tick, you can begin to support them to unleash their true potential. As a PDW I believe this is the most fundamental part of my role.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

I was lucky enough to be involved in the development of a team, earlier this year, where it became known that we were ‘rasing expectations’. This gave me an immense sense of pride to be able to support this person, as a part of their team, to overcome the perceptions they had been wrongly burdened with. Again, it was about connection, and understanding their wants, needs and desires. We all worked together to have this person mixing with his peers out in the local, and wider, community once again.

Being a PDW, for me, is all about supporting the person to live the fullest, happiest life possible without the fear of discrimination. The greatest challenge I face in my role are my own thoughts that I may not be made of the ‘right stuff’, low self-confidence if you will. Every time I work, I’m presented with a scenario or event that I’ve not experienced before which I sometimes find difficult to prepare for. However, in my previous occupation I developed good problem-solving skills which have seen me get through anything presented to me to date.

Tell us something colleagues might not know about you…

Something you may not know about me is that years ago I used to DJ. House music and tra

nce was my thing and Id a pair of Technics 1210 record decks and a mixing desk. I would be asked to play at friends’ parties etc and would regularly make up mix tapes (yes cassette tapes!) and pass them around. I’d really like to take it up again but just never seem to have the time. It’s a labour-intensive process requiring many hours of practice plus my neighbours would absolutely hate me.