Dutch visitors to the C-Change Scotland Base

Visit to C-Change Scotland Base in Ibrox 08.03.18
My name is Juultje (Yule) Holla. I live in the Netherlands. I used to live in Scotland. I was working on inclusion and I was a member of Altrum. 
I lived in Scotland from 2001-2008. Once I found my feet a little in The Netherlands I was shocked to find that institutionalisation was very much the culturally valued norm. Although there are few institutions like hospitals (Lennox Castle), people do get thrown on a pile with other people with the same labels. Some people in institutions do try to provide support that is more suited to individuals, but always within the confines of their institutional rules, regulations and resources.
So for quite a while now my dream has been to set up an organisation like C-Change Scotland, Inclusion and Partners for inclusion, in which we work with people to create the life they want for themselves; a life in which they are in control, with support from family and friends.
I now have a number of people standing beside me working towards the same goal. 
Juultje Holla
Community Solutions