Introducing Islean Stuart: Support Advisor for Falkirk


IsleanStuartHow long have you been working in the Falkirk area for C-Change?

I joined C-Change in May 2017 as Support Advisor for the Falkirk area.

How many people do C-Change currently support in Falkirk?

C-Change currently support six people in Falkirk. Three people we work for receive full time support at the moment and the other three are supported at times that suit their needs with the support which they require.

How many C-Change employees currently work in Falkirk?

There are currently 16 Personal Development Workers in the Falkirk area.
We will soon be joined by a 2nd Support Advisor as well as an Area Lead and a Service Development Coordinator.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I am able to lead teams for an organisation that I believe in.

It was fantastic coming into an organisation that had only recently started working in a new area. I have been involved in all aspects of the business in Falkirk and have formed good relationships with the Falkirk local authority and Health.

I get to make a difference to someone’s life, even in a small way – Every day! This is what I love the most about my job.

I like to see the people we work for live their lives the way they choose and to see how happy and comfortable they are with the people who support them.

I enjoy supporting and mentoring the teams, watching people grow and achieve things that they never thought that they could. It’s very rewarding!


What are the highlights of the job so far?

Recruiting and developing brand new teams and matching people to the people we work for.

Supporting the teams to grow in confidence, understand the processes and grow into strong individuals and teams.

Being involved in the transition of two young men to move into their own home, being able to see what a difference this has made. Build relationships with parents and see them build up trust in me, the team and the organisation. Be a part of positive changes to these peoples lives and know that we make a difference.


What are your hopes for the future for C-Change in the Falkirk area?

I hope to be able to promote, develop and grow the business in the Falkirk area. Create opportunities to link with the whole of the Forth Valley region and be able to promote and share the exceptional work that we pride ourselves on and grow in this area.

I hope to develop as a person, gain additional experience, qualifications and progress within the organisation in the area in which I work. Business growth would bring opportunities for existing Personal Development Workers to progress too. Id like to be able to mentor more Personal Development Workers to take on extra responsibility and grow to enable them to feel confident in applying for any future Support Advisor positions.

I feel very optimistic about the future of C-Change in the Falkirk area.