Introducing Louise McDonald: Personal Development Worker (Falkirk)


How long have you been working for C-Change?

I have worked for C-Change in Falkirk since January this year (2018).

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy working with the person I work for as I have a very good relationship with him. I love having a good laugh with him, he has a great sense of humour!

I like having responsibility for monthly Rotas, doing medication and finance audits. I am someone who really likes to be organised so its good for me that I get to use those skills in this role.

I really like that I have regular contact with the the person I work for’s family. I have established a really good relationship with them and feel this is really helpful. I used to work for a care and support organisation where I was not allowed to have contact with the families of the individuals I supported – I thought that was a bit strange and unhelpful.

Highlights of the job so far?

My confidence has improved massively due to the support from my Support Advisor (SA) and other team members. I feel very relaxed around my SA, its like spending time with a friend.

As I said previously, I really enjoy the responsibilities I have within my role.

I also love that there is flexibility in the shifts I do, which is important for me when it comes to organising childcare. We are very cooperative as a team. 

Hopes for the future?

To pass my SVQ level 3 qualification and further my career in care. It is definitely the right kind of work for me as I feel it fits me well. I think its in my nature to care for people.

Can you name some success stories for the person you work for?

I have supported the person I work for to reach some of his outcomes. I supported him to an autism friendly screening at the cinema, and now support him to a regular screening which has gone well.

Other activities he now enjoys include his music therapy group, walking group and playing pool.


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