Ladysbridge Stories – September 2017 Update

Our Ladysbridge Stories project with Project Ability has just concluded with 3 days of activities including a site visit to the former hospital grounds, workshops and a visit to the NHS Grampian Archives in Aberdeen.

Tuesday 12th: The group went to Banff to the former site of the Ladysbridge Hospital, followed with high tea afterwards.

Wednesday 13th: In the morning the group paid an informative and emotional visit to the NHS Grampian Archives located at the Aberdeen University, where they learned about the lives of the former residents. In the afternoon the group was back in the Aberdeen Art Centre for some creative activities.

Thursday 14th: On the final day of the workshops, the group focused on putting their findings of the past couple of days and own stories on paper through drawings. They have also created some amazing marbled papers inspired from the NHS Archives.

Ladysbridge Stories workshops will return to Aberdeen in the new year.

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