Learning Disability Week 2019: Andrew’s Story



We are delighted for Andrew Moodie (person we work for) for his nomination in this years SCLD Learning Disability Awards in the category of Creative Communities.

Andrew is a talented and remarkable young man with an incredible gift for writing. Andrew also has a passion for movies. For many years he would share his thoughts and feelings on movies with family and friends and decided he would like to be a writer. It made sense to Andrew that he combined his two interests for wider audiences to enjoy.

Andrew is working hard to become an accomplished film critic by sharing his passion through his own film reviews online on his website and on social media.

It is clear by reading his film reviews that Andrew is very insightful and is able to bring to life thoughtful and well-rounded overviews of each review.

When Andrew was at school and exploring employment opportunities for leaving he made his aspirations to become a film critic known to the school careers advisor which was met with negativity and disapproval. The feedback he received was to focus on pursuing getting ‘a real job’. The ramifications of this at the time were huge as it had a massive impact on Andrew’s self-esteem and overall wellbeing. Though, Andrew being the determined young man that he is, with self belief and faith in his own abilities overcame this. Andrew used this experience as the catalyst to pursue his dream with greater determination than ever.

Through the success of writing his film reviews and the very positive feedback he has received, Andrew is now developing his creative writing to include short stories with the vision of becoming a published writer.

Andrew wishes to be an inspiration to all young people with additional support needs who wish to pursue their own passions.

“I think there is real power when you read something and hear the author’s voice. From his first movie review I was captivated. He really takes the reader on a Journey. I nominated Andrew for this award because I really think his writing is brilliant. Good job he ignored the advice from his teacher to be ‘more realistic’ and decided to pursue his passion” Susan O’Reilly – C-Change Scotland Service Development Coordinator

You can read many of Andrew’s extensive catalogue of movie reviews via his website: andrewmoodie.co.uk

The Scottish Commission for Learning Disability (SCLD) Learning Disability Awards 2019 take place on the evening of Friday 17th May.

We wish Andrew all the very best with the award and in his future career. Given Andrew’s drive, passion and skill we have no doubt he will make it a success.