Pica Disorder Awareness – Fundraising Night



One of the people we work for, Alex & his support team held a highly successful Fundraising ‘Race Night’ & Disco at Maryhill Football Club on Thursday 24th of March to raise money for greater awareness of a rare eating disorder called Pica.

Pica is the persistent craving to eat substances such as dirt or paint that have no nutritional value. Alex has this condition and is supported to manage it.

Janine from Alex’s team took the lead with organising the race night with the help of her fianc√© Steven and his brother David. Janine would also like to thank Ann, Karen, Jane & Liam for all their help and support.

An amazing £500 was raised! Huge well done all!

The money raised will go towards further awareness raising of Pica.

Please click here for more information on Pica

Please click here to view pictures from the night via the C-Change Scotland facebook page