My Job Works For Me: Supporting Darran by Louise McDonald


Hi, my name is Louise. I am a Personal Development Worker with C-Change. I support a young man called Darran who lives in Falkirk. I support him to maintain his own tenancy and to become more socially involved with others. Darran takes part in different activities in his community and beyond.

I have worked with Darren for 8 months now. I am learning each and every day what activities / tasks could help improve Darran’s health and social wellbeing. I have a great working relationship with Darran. I understand it can take longer for him to process some things due to his autism. Outside in the community Darran can take a bit of encouragement to get involved in things but the outcome is always positive!

I have recently attended new and further afield activities with Darran, such as Adventure Mini Golf, Bowling, and the Owl Centre. It is wonderful to see him try new things and develop his confidence.

In the future I’m certain Darran will be able do a lot more physical activities and enjoy trying more new things as his confidence grows.

Everything we do here at C-Change is in the best interest of the individual who we treat equally and with respect! This ethos fits with my own values. It’s a job I love.


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