Lennox Castle Stories is a social history project led by a group of ex- residents of Lennox Castle Hospital.  Lennox Castle Hospital was a large institution on the outskirts of Glasgow built to house people with learning disabilities. Originally built in 1936 to house 1200 people; at its peak in the 1970’s it housed almost 1700 people.  It was conceived as a “model” self-contained community with its own kitchens, recreational facilities, church and large, segregated wards which each housed 60 people.

Lennox Castle Stories took place in 2012/13, focusing on capturing the experience of former residents of Lennox Castle Hospital to share their stories of life in the “Castle”.

Employing a huge range of media including text, painting, print, ceramics, sculpture, textiles and animation, a group of ex-residents have come together in a series of weekly sessions at Project Ability’s studio in Glasgow to share their memories.

You can find out more about Lennox Castle Stories, view art, videos and read stories from project participants by visiting the following dedicated website: