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Matt Quinn - Profile - VolunteersWeek

Perry Como Moments #VolunteersWeek

Magic moments, memories we’ve been sharin’
Magic moments, when two hearts are carin’
Time can’t erase the memory of
These magic moments filled with love

Perry Como – Magic Moments

At a recent C-Change Scotland Board meeting, Matt Quinn, a Trustee was lamenting the loss of intimacy that comes with virtual Board meetings. The absence of those ‘magic moments’ when people come together and create something more than the sum of the parts. He talked of missing those Perry Como moments; the sparking of conversations that lead to new ideas beyond the traditional realms of the agenda and matters arising.

It made me stop and reflect on whether, going into the 20th year of the organisation’s existence, we have always taken the time and paid enough attention to those magic moments? Have we listened attentively to voices of concern that we could and should do better?

Matt and I have known each other for over 20 years. We got to know each other first when things were not going so well for Matt. The system had met his distress with actions that compounded his sense of loss and anger.

I was new to running an organisation, learning on my feet and making mistakes along the way. We had a rough time at the start, as we worked out together how to make it work: How to build trust, to hold fire, to give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Our relationship is long and complex as many good relationships are. The organisation supports Matt. Matt is on the Board of Trustees and supports the organisation.  Matt has taught me more than he would ever know.

Board Meeting (Pre COVID-19)

He is also often the instigator of those magic moments and a constant reminder that we learn more when we listen better.

And, for that, I say a huge thank you.

Blog by Sam Smith – C-Change CEO

Click below to listen to an audio conversation between Sam and Matt


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