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Planning For Better

During the worst of the Covid years the focus on everyone’s mind was remaining healthy and staying safe. The country, if not the world, felt under siege. This pervasive attitude was felt in our homes and our communities and certainly impacted the work of the organisation. The singular aim was to get through it, by working together and looking after each other. Out of necessity we narrowed our field of vision to surviving.  

Covid hasn’t gone away, but it is having a reduced impact on day-to-day activity. This change has afforded the opportunity to raise our heads and our aspirations. We have started to refocus our attention on activities that support thriving not merely surviving. 

To help with this work we have reconnected with our good friends at Inclusive Solution Person Centred Planning | What Is Person Centred Planning? ( They have been working with us to brush up our skills and rekindle our passion for person centred planning. This activity is central to our purpose of supporting people to live their good life. 

We kicked off our work together with an organisational planning day. Everyone was invited to contribute to the day, people we work for, families and carers, internal and external colleagues, Board members and even our auditors. Using the MAP process MAPS | Person Centred Planning | Person Centred Planning Tools ( we were guided to celebrate our successes, consider our strengths, contemplate our nightmares and dream of the best future. 

A rolling programme of capacity building work has been initiated. Everyone in the organisation that wants to can develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence to plan with people. This will ensure individual’s will and preferences guide and inform the support they receive. This foundational work will continue throughout the next financial year. It will be exciting to see hopeful futures unfurl. 

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