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Register to vote on May 6th

I have worked in support and care for almost ten years and assisted a number of individuals I have supported to register to vote.

A number of times I have been questioned, about why I was assisting some individuals to register. The usual reason they stated as their objection would be that the individual did not have mental capacity. This is wrong and inaccurate, a misnomer if you like. To me this inferred that they thought some individuals weren’t capable and shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

There is guidance for ‘care staff’ in Scotland on engaging with those in care (support) and the levels of assistance they may provide in relation to persons application for registering and absent voting.

One of my top tips: If a person you support struggles to sign within the area of the box provided on the form do the following…place a piece of paper over the box with a cut out box the same size as on the form. Any part of the signature going beyond the outside of the box will be on the ‘cut out’ piece of paper and not on the actual form which would make it null and void.

Is the person you support registered to vote on May 6th? If not you have until 11:59pm Monday 19th April to help them register.

Blog by Ian Saunders – Personal Development Worker

Click here for Easy Read guide to voting (PDF)

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