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dnm Director blog - 2

Relationships – Employment and Leadership

Relationships come in all shapes and forms, some are helpful others less so. Some work related relationships offer up more than the mere fulfilment of roles or completion of tasks. The role of the Directors of dates-n-mates is one such example. 

dates-n-mates is run by and for learning disabled people. Each Area, Renfrewshire, Glasgow, Falkirk and Aberdeen, has learning disabled Directors who guide the development of local, community focussed, member led activities and events. They are supported by a small team who administer, organise and co-ordinate activities. 

There is also a National Director, who oversees the national agenda and speaks to the wider issues relating to learning disability. This is informed by a lived experience of learning disability and practical experience of being a longstanding leader. 

These are issues of connection and friendship, love and belonging and sex and human rights. In their high profile roles, Directors not only fulfil the practical functions of their busy jobs, providing leadership knowledge and wisdom. They also offer up to others, colleagues, dates-n-mates members, families of learning disabled children, a sense of what is possible. 

Relationships come in all shapes, leadership comes in all sorts of shapes too, and we should celebrate that.


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