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Nic Crosby and Gill Parker IMG_1819-2

Small Supports and the importance of families in decision making (Gill Parker and Nic Crosby)

We recently had a visit from Nic Crosby of NDTi at the C-Change base.

One of the people Nic met with was Gill Parker, mother of Ross (a young man we work for in the Falkirk area).

Gill was invited to meet with Nic to discuss the importance of Small Supports. Nic is the Programme Lead for Small Supports at NDTi.

Gill told us the conversation touched on how important it is for her family to be involved in recruiting new team members for (and with) Ross. They spoke about the process used to choose C-Change as Ross’ Support Provider back at the start of Ross’s transition process (several years ago now). Gill met with many support providers though ‘gut instinct’ told her C-Change was the right choice for Ross.

Huge thank you to both Gill and Nic for allowing us to share this photo 🙂 We will share more about Small Supports in the coming weeks and months. This is very pertinent to what we do as a small support provider.

You can find out more about Small Supports via NDTi 👇


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