Eilidh Baird (Volunteer)



Interview with C-Change Volunteer Eilidh Baird


What got you interested in volunteering with us?
I was interested in volunteering with C-Change & dates-n-mates as I was wanting to gain more experience doing graphic design work. There are lots of different types of publications, event posters, leaflets etc required so graphic design skills are always very much in demand here. It’s great being part of a team – we are always learning from each other.

What kind of activities have you been involved in while volunteering with us?
I got involved with branding an event with a fellow volunteer graphic designer and from there have been involved in many projects. I have recently been creating video animations to show information in an accessible and fun way.

What are you hoping to do in the future?
Using the knowledge I’ve gained from volunteering at c-change and dates-n-mates I will look for a job in this field of graphic design though would also like to continue to volunteer for them in the future. C-Change is a great organisation that helps a lot of people and dates-n-mates such a great project.

Can you share with us something you feel passionate about outside your volunteering role with us?
Besides doing graphic design and learning new computer programmes for this, I am a very keen singer of traditional Scottish songs. I have performed quite a few times over the years at family gatherings.