Evelyn Youmans (Volunteer)



Interview with C-Change and dates-n-mates Volunteer Evelyn Youmans
C-Change & dates-n-mates Volunteer Evelyn Youmans has been volunteering with us for almost 3 years now. We asked Evelyn a few questions about her volunteering experience so far with C-Change & dates-n-mates.

What got you interested in volunteering with us?
I am passionate about volunteering in general and learning from new experiences and getting to know different groups of people. I have enjoyed supporting people with learning disabilities in the past and when I found out about this charity organisation I really wanted to get involved.
C-Change and dates-n-mates offer many creative ideas and projects. I get to see first-hand the positive impact these have on the people involved; it is so nice to see people building many new relationships and trying new things.

What kind of activities have you been involved in while volunteering with us?
I’ve been working on a few different projects. I have been supporting an Arts & Crafts / Knitting Group for residents in North Lanarkshire. The group are passionate to teach each other new skills and also at the same time the group often support their community by knitting for charities, for school projects and for their friends and family.

At dates-n-mates I helped to set up an outdoors walking group. We have called it ‘Oot and Aboot’ and currently we have been doing a lot of walks in various parks in and around the Glasgow area fortnightly. It is member led and encourages a healthy lifestyle choice which is not only good for an individuals physical well-being but has a positive effect on the mind too.
I have been an events supporter at dates-n-mates for a few years now. I wanted to help out with supporting dates-n-mates organise events and being there for the members if they need any support, or just making sure they are having a good time.
I have really enjoyed supporting the LATE club nights and Karaoke. I also help to lead the Access Film clubs each month at the GFT theatre.

Can you share with us something you feel passionate about outside your volunteering role with us?
I feel passionate about travelling as well as helping people who are from a more disadvantaged background.
After high school I travelled for three years and got involved with many projects around the world. One of the projects that stands out for me was in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific helping an indigenous community. Working with the community we helped to renovate schools and community buildings as well as organise different service projects working.